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We offer you shopping units tailored to your business needs prepared according to the shell & core concept. You can also use the space at the atrium and create a sitting area as an addition to your retail space.

from 28 m² the smallest unit

from 256 m² the biggest unit

outdoor garden

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Sought after location in Brno

The modern MORAVÁK building is strategically situated directly in the centre of Brno. The building’s excellent location provides access to simple and quick transport throughout Brno either by car or public transport, with connections to highways leading from Brno to major world capitals such as Vienna, Bratislava and Prague.

Lokalita Moraváku

Central location on Moravian Square

MORAVÁK is a landmark at the northern end of Moravian Square scheduled for complete renovation in the near future. After renovation, the building will offer users a relaxation area with a representative restaurant and café and multifunctional spaces for year-round use. It will also have modified routes for joggers.

Public transport nearby

Several major public transport stops are near the building, especially along Česká Street and on Moravian Square. They are only two minutes’ walk away, allowing you to flexibly use the public transport system in Brno or ride to the train and bus stations, which are about five minutes away by car.